About us

“Mal ô Mains” is a non-profit organization whose aim is the promotion, creation and dissemination of all forms of musical expression and culture related to performing arts. In order to do this, “Mal ô Mains” organizes musical meetings in Brussels and acoustic music workshops in Italy : MINIERACUSTICA

The Urbino Acoustic Music Workshop (MinierAcustica) started in 2006 with the ambition to create a workshop with its own personality: a mixture of study, music and vacation time. The goal was to open the door to an extremely varied musical universe, where each participant, both professor and student, carried with them in their valise a little bit of their country, their surroundings and their culture.

The particularity of the Urbino Workshop is to offer participants a panoply of “special” meetings with people having unique personalities. In the past we have had the honor of inviting Stéphane Sanseverino, Dick Annegarn, Dani Klein, Russ Barenberg, Mike Compton, John Doyle, Chris Eldridge and Tony Trischka who during an entire week shared with us their musical passions.

The workshop will take place during the month of August in central Italy, in the country-side near the small city of Urbino. There will be two weeks of courses, each with a different program. Classes take place in the morning and in the evening there are concerts. The afternoons are dedicated to artistic discovery such as pottery or ceramic workshops. As for the rest of the day, the Italian sun makes it feel like a real holiday with room for drinks and Expresso coffee.

Welcome to our musical adventure highlighted by the brilliant colors of Italy!

Past teachers at Minieracustica

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